Kent Clegg

Kent is a research biologist and farmer in southeast Idaho.  He has been working with whooping cranes since he was seventeen.  This is the third year that he has migrated cranes from Idaho to New Mexico (yes... before the movie Fly Away Home came out).

Jim Lewis

Jim Lewis is the former US Whooping Crane Coordinator.  Jim retired last year after thirty years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Jim helped initiate the concept of using ultralight aircraft with bird migrations.

Tom Stehn

Tom Stehn is the current US Whooping Crane Coordinator.  Tom lives in Corpus Christi, Texas home of the only native migratory Whooping Crane flock still alive.  Tom is the biologist that oversees the wintering crane area at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Errol Spaulding

Errol is a fun loving heavy-duty mechanic who loves to fly.  He has flown all sorts of experimental and ultralight aircraft. Errol lives in Ririe, Idaho.

Scott Macbutch

Scott Macbutch is a pilot and feelance photographer from Pocatello, Idaho.  Scott is assisting with the trailering of birds and ground operations.

Peter Clegg

Peter Clegg is Kent's older, better looking but shorter brother.  He happened to have a computer, a digital camera, and a web site.  He works for a fabulous company called Novonyx which is graciously paying his cell phone and long distance bills.

Frank Clegg

Frank is Kent's younger brother (and the most handsome of the seven Cleggs).  He spent the last two summers monitoring, feeding, and rearing cranes for the migration projects.  He is a single student at BYU and can be reached for lineups at

Group shot (minus Scott) in warmer weather