Day Twelve/Thirteen

October 27-28, 1996

Kevin and Ron in stormsnow camp - NM

The last two days we have been completely grounded. Unusual weather for this time of year. Blizzards, high winds, and torrential rain. Not much we could do except for sit it out. We got some rooms in a hotel nearby for showers and rest. Someone stays with the birds at all times.

Sunday we found a church hoping to help moderate the weather. The brother who gave the closing prayer was thankful for the moisture and prayed for more. In the two days we have really gotten it. Last night the rain on the trailer sounded like we had parked under a waterfall.

Excitement over the past two days has been minimal. Shari Levine the producer and Jennifer Laird the correspondent from CBS came and took us to dinner. We had a great time and learned all about them and the process of making the video segment. The weather has put everyone behind schedule. I re-engaged at work spending most of the day on e-mail and voice mail.

Today high winds blew the pens over. One of the panels hit Errol’s plane but damage was minimal. A dog came around last night but hit the electric fence and was out of there before I could grab the gun with cracker shells to scare him off.

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