1997 Whooping Crane Migration

The  1997 project began with the hatching of the crane eggs in the spring.  The baby cranes imprinted on Kent while at the research center in Maryland.  After a few weeks of growth, they were transported to Idaho where they learned to follow Kent and after several months to fly with him.

Beginning in mid October, four whooping cranes and eight sandhill cranes will begin their first migration south for the winter lead by Kent Clegg in his Dragonfly ultralight airplane.  Stay tuned to these pages for a day-by-day update on the 1997 migration.

Day One - October 13
Day Two - October 14
Day Three - October 15
Day Four - October 16
Day Five - October 17
Day Six - October 18
Day Seven - October 19
Day Eight - October 20
Day Nine - October 21
Update - November 10
1997 Crew